When working with us, you will get the order on time, and that s is also beyond your expectations. The success of our operations is due to our commitment to our goals and values.

We are working as a Global Sourcing Network that provides the finest products in the local and international markets.

Feel Free to Communicate with us

We have online Interlinked Systems with our Vendors and Customers for better communication and coordination, as communication is the key to successful transactions.

We have a proper job  order Management Structure to avoid any delay in order completion, and we strictly monitor our operations in this regard

We consider ourselves as high Value-added item producers as we convert raw material into something beneficial that you can select for further processing or as the final product

Making Every Step Easy

Our responsive and skilled team is the strongest pillar in our success story, not just the raw material and machinery.

We only work with certified and compliance Vendors as we do not comprise our reputation.

Our commitment to our future goals and quality standards are our attractive central points to work with us.



  • Tap sourcing has experience of more than 40 years in its field.
  • In 2018, Tap sourcing was registered as a textile and apparel sourcing company, and it has been proving and serving the textile industry for more than four decades.
  • It has more than 100 workers and other staff working within its manufacturing units and offices.
  • Among top faculty, Tahir Ch is working as a Managing Director at TAP Sourcing (Pvt.) Ltd while Ahsan Shaikh is the Chief Executive Officer here
  • Embellishment, Processing, Manufacturing, and Retail Industry are our operation’s primary expertise or area.

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