Cut to pack stitching solutions

Tapsourcing is here to provide you with cut to pack stiching solutions.

Cut, Make, and Trim production is where an apparel factory takes your designs and produces them following three stages. ‘Cut,’ where the material is cut to your pattern, and made ready to sew, ‘Make,’ where the garments are sewn together and created, and ‘Trim,’ where the garments are finished, any threads and small imperfections are removed and final QC and packing occurs.

It is a service provided by factories that essentially cut, make and trim your designs into fully produced products. The factory will require specifications, tech packs, fabrics, patterns and stitching requirements before the production.

Tapsource is committed to give it’s best product. Each and every process is done by our specialised workers. Every thread is linked with another thread to produce the most refine products.