Drifit Shirts

What exactly is Dri-Fit? What fabric suits you

Dri fit is the trademark of contemporary fashion. And it all has to do with a bringing down of fences in our modern-day lifestyles. Let’s take a deep look into this everyday staple for most fitness buffs.

Work-life balance might be a fairly new priority but it is one made all the more attainable in high-performance materials that take women and men from the boardroom straight to their living rooms, and then back again.

But how do we pick between a drifit shirt and a dry blend tee? Are there dissimilarities between the two? And why are these materials so famous, anyway? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

Dri-fit shirt

A drifit shirt is a mix of synthetic fibers like elastane, spandex, and polyester. There is meticulous engineering behind these performance materials and generally some form of copper for anti-microbial or silver, for anti-odor.

The drifit takes the dry blend tee to another level, keeping hold of its casual air but offering its efficacy only to “high performance” or high-intensity occasions.

Running trails, yoga mats, spin classes and weight rooms around the world is where these synthetic material blends frequently pop up.

But, like the activewear fashion shows, the drifit tee is not limited to these situations. A rising number of tees, in a range of fits, cuts, and designs are popping up at work, on dates, in coffee shops, on the golf course, and in meetings.

They are breathable, lightweight, and sweat or moisture-wicking, that’s a given.

But they are also sturdy, flexible, and fitted. They hang on to the body without feeling uneasy, and the wearer doesn’t feel they are soaking wet, even if they are using custom drifit shirts wholesale in the gym or for sports.

Dry blend tee

When we purchase garments, material blends are not the first thing that crosses our minds. But there is a reason why the finest sweaters are cashmere, the coziest socks are merino wool or why iconic Oxford shirts are cotton.

These clothing items are made for the material. With the dry blend tee, a similar code is at play.

Business owners if you are thinking of incorporating dri-fit t-shirts into your store for all the fitness enthusiasts out there make sure you get in touch with the best t-shirt manufacturer in the industry. All you have to do is go through the collection, pick out the pieces you like the most and place your bulk order to the support team and they will reach out to you for the same. Hurry up to avail of the amazing offer.