Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing

If you are looking for professional fashion design services, then the Tap souring companies are the right platform for you. Our fashion designing department researches fashion trends, develops patterns, selects materials, and controls the overall manufacturing of garments and accessories. With high-end technologies, we encompass a wide range of features in fashion designing in addition to the design of garments, such as the design of accessories, footwear, bedding, and a variety of other items. However, fashion design is not confined to methods but encompasses a wide range of disciplines.

When it comes to fashion designing services, Tap Sourcing is above all. Not bragging, but our fashion experts are well-versed enough to keep pace with international fashion brands. 

Hence, the designers leave no stone unturned to develop classy and up-to-date fabrics. Here you will find the fashion functionalities of Tap Sourcing.

Before design, a fabulous fabric sketch is not the bare minimum to create. However, our design holds the proportion scale and considers the hemline illustrations.
Further, the designers sketch these layouts on digital platforms through computer art software, sketch pads and more. In this way, we create phenomenal cloth blueprints.


We create phenomenal cloth blueprints.

However, after sketching, the most crucial thing is to choose an elegant dress design. The Tap Sourcing fashion team picks great silhouettes out of many innovative designs.

Furthermore, our ready-to-wear outfits are extraordinarily and worth wearing. We manage to create chic and high-quality costumes for you.

Tap sourcing is confident about the fabric stylist skills as they look up to the design of every single costume prudently. The custom fashion design service inculcates both western and global fashion sensations. Consequently, our in-vogue fabrics are pretty popular in the current fashion world.

Custom Fashion Design Services

We also offer custom fashion design services to make the final product according to the individual (customer) needs. All the functions are performed in collaboration with the client and according to the target audience.

We can provide high-quality fashion services tailored to our clients’ styles while ensuring the best possible fit for special occasions. Through a comprehensive range of services that include everything from fashion design to pattern and sample creation to full-scale production, we can help you get your ideas and concepts to market at the most cost-effective price. Moreover, to offer top-notch fashion design services, we have a team of highly professional and qualified fashion designers. They help you in the following areas:

  • Investigating current fashion trends and understanding what will appeal to customers are two important tasks.
  • We participate in product development projects to generate accurate ideas for new goods based on research findings and customer choice.
  • We are designing drawings for new goods by receiving direct suggestions from the clients.
  • Develop Clothing designs for mass production according to the customers’ demands.

High-capacity Production

Our high-capacity production units can take orders in bulk and deliver the finished products on time. So, whatever the size of your order, we are here to meet the deadlines on time with our vast production capacity. Moreover, the fashion designing services are available at reasonable prices and help the manufacturer reduce their production cost.

Whether you need a little helping hand or the design and development of a whole collection, Tap sourcing company provides reliable fashion design services season after season. Contact us now to learn more about our specialties. We go above and beyond standard design work, maintaining a constant connection with you throughout the process to ensure that we accurately reflect your vision for the company’s image.

Core Responsibilities

We are a group of fashion brand professionals with a proven track record of generating outcomes in high-pressure, time-sensitive, and cost-conscious situations, including the fashion industry. Allow us to help you build your brand image and allow us to be the fashion design studio that completes your project on time and on-trend!

Our fashion designing department’s core responsibilities include:

  • Developing and visualizing an idea and sketching it by hand or using computer-aided design software
  • Following the latest trends
  • Working closely with the sales, buying, and production teams to ensure that the item is produced correctly and according to your ideas or target audience.

Our Compatibilities

In short, our compatibilities reflect by the following three things:

  • Creativity
  • On-time delivery
  • Professional and well-trained designers