Well-equipped and latest printing services in UK

Other than fabrication and embroidery, Tap sourcing company UK has a name in printing fabrics. We deliver any size of the order. So you can order bulk products from us, and we also meet the deadlines by using our extensive printing facilities.

Moreover, we have highly skilled workers and employees that know their jobs very well. They are well trained and also aware of the method of doing premium printing processes. To make them up-to-date, we offer them training sessions from time to time and give them knowledge about the latest techniques or hacks of printing. We also discuss the don’ts of printing in our training sessions. Each step helps us maintain our quality standards and image in the market.

In printing, we have four main categories:

  • Sublimation printing
  • Reactive printing
  • Fabric dyeing
  • Digital printing

For printing services, we have further options for our customers:

The process of fabric printing through inkjet technology is called digital printing. In this process, the colorings are published onto fabrics that produce finished products. The beautiful colors and designs published on the fabric transfigure a simple piece of cloth into an amazing published fabric.
The developer designs, and also translates it to the software. The machine reads it and prints it as per the given details. Tap Sourcing has some creative contrivers who bring invention in each design, and the use of high– end ministry makes a majestic finished product.

  • Reactive Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Sublimation Printing
  • Fabric Dyeing

Provide In-house Printing Services

Digital Reactive Printing

We have Digital Reactive Printing and simple Printing on Cotton and Blend Fabric in reactive printing. In digital reactive printing, inkjet printing applies reactive colors to pre-treated textiles. All three things: the dye, pre-treatment, and steam, all work together to create a connection, which gives the Fabric its color. The extra dye color and pre-treatment are then removed from the cloth, resulting in a bright print with a long shelf life. We ensure that we provide high-quality and durable printing options to our customers.

Fabric Dyeing Process

We offer two fabrics for dyeing purposes:

  1. Cotton Dyeing
  2. Polyester Dyeing

Dyeing of Polyester and Cotton fabric is now done using two chemically distinct classes of dyes:

  • dispersion for polyester
  • reactive for cotton

Two bath method is used for both fabrics. The two bath procedure is more appropriate to obtain the ideal shade. When choosing a dye for usage, it is necessary to consider the ease of application and the color’s durability, so keep these points in mind. The main feature of our dying process is its resilience to sunlight and chemicals.