Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing

Tapsourcing is pleased to announce that it also gives services of sublimation shirt printing.

Curious to know what is sublimation printing ? We are here to cater all your queries.

What is sublimation shirt printing?
Sublimation shirt printing is a specific process of printing that first involves printing onto a special sheet of paper, then transferring that image onto another material (usually polyester or a polyester mix).

Why we choosed suimation printing ?

When done correctly, printing methods will produce long-lasting prints that should neither fade nor crack, even with prolonged washing.

While it’s true that both printing methods have their individual benefits, there are a few key factors to consider when trying to decide whether dye sublimation or screen printing is best:

The ink is then heated until it disintegrates into the fabric.

The process of sublimation shirt printing costs more than other methods, but it lasts longer, and will not crack or peel over time, like other shirt printing methods.

Among multiple printing options like reactive printing, digital printing, etc., sublimation printing is one of the latest methods used by many companies in the textile sector. A sublimation printing service is a process that allows for the transfer of patterns or pictures onto hard objects or polyester textiles using heat and pressure. This technology is particularly popular owing to the ease with which it can be learned, the little initial expenditure required, and the wide variety of items already prepared to be sublimated with it.

For years, tap sourcing company UK has used sublimation printing on bright and fresh clothing. Our sublimation printing process is comprised of two straightforward steps:

In the first step, or sublimation printing, we use an inkjet to print the selected design or picture on a piece of paper that we will only use for this approach. We supplied it with sublimation paper and inks specifically designed for the process.

In the next step, we transfer the pattern to the desired sublimation printing fabric that has been prepared for sublimation by applying heat using a heat press.

Limitless number of color options

Our sublimating printing has an almost limitless number of color options. When you change the color of your design, there is no extra charge for it. So, you can get innovations at the same cost. Additionally, after sublimation, the printed image is absorbed into the fabric and becomes a permanent part. As a result, it cannot be scratched and will not fade in color over time.

Sublimation printing services

Cut to pack stitching solution and not just the quality, the cost of our this printing is very reasonable and does not increase with complex designs. Moreover, there is no need to print a minimum number of copies. The pricing per item stays the same whether you personalize one or one thousand pieces.

The sublimation printing process

Remember that sublimation printing is not for all fabrics, and it is best to use it for polyester or anything that includes more percentage of polyester. So, we use it for the polyester fabric to give the best results to our valuable customers.

In short, use our dye sublimation printing services to get amazing prints and designs on any fabric you want to use. Moreover, our sublimation t-shirt printing process is very simple and quick; you may complete your orders the same day they are placed. So, use this latest printing method to get amazing patterns on the same day of delivery even and bulk work you can place your order to get your products within a few days.